About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop innovative technologies to empower providers with the ability to deliver the highest quality of care using computer efficiency and compassion from human touch.

How We Started

Our founder started a passion for innovation in the laboratory of Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Years later while contrasting the health care delivery experience in Kenya and the United States a mission was established.  We set out in 2018 to develop a leading digital health solution allowing providers, patients, employers, and health care systems to optimize care delivery.  Cura was founded with the vision of supporting Cura CarePath™, a health event pathway that guides patients and doctors through wellness and disease states. 


We started out in medicine with hearts of service and technology. Our roots have been planted in the care of people in our home towns and across the world. We strive to develop compassionate relationships, to serve those in need and to build health. We believe telehealth opens new horizons in medicine, improves care, reduces cost and increases happiness and health.

We have a passion to deliver quality efficient and timely medical care to everyone.  We look forward to the day when everyone everywhere will have access to their health data and health providers on secure open access networks where the patient owns their data.   Whether it’s your three year old with a fever, a hip troubling your golf game, your heart beating irregular or back pain at work we’ve got you covered. 

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Cura Standard


How Cura Works

Cura was created and is led by a passionate team of doctors and seasoned health care administrators. We aim to make health care easier. Leveraging the combined power of telehealth with smart scheduling, health tracking, and health event management for population health, Cura will empower both the patient, doctor, employers and our neighbors!

Cura Digital Health Solutions Suite is designed for full spectrum of anyone everywhere care coordination.  Data security and interoperability rests on our data storage, access and transfer being built out on blockchain technology. . 

 Combine the power of Cura Care Manager with automated Health Event Management, Scheduling Blocks, and Smart Patient Navigation with telemedicine for a powerful digital health solution.  Have your Cura AI bot communicating with your patients 24/7.  The Cura bot notifies intelligent medical professionals if she thinks your patient needs a human