Telehealth Visit Workflow

For Hospital Sites


1. Request Consult

Login at , call 888-910-2872, or securely email


2. Please include the following patient information:

  • Patient Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Specialist needed
  • Urgency needed and Facility

3. Send Additional Patient History

Scan history and physical MAR labs and EKG to patient’s chart in or by secure email.

(Does not apply for integrated/connected sites.)


4. Appointment Requested

Appointment will be scheduled and you will receive a call to CuraVision TeleMedicine Workstation at time of visit.

For Providers


1. Download the app

Go the a web page at or download the Cura app from the App Store


2. Lookup your NPI registration

Cura will match your name and practice information from NPI Registry to save you time


3. Register an account

Complete registration by providing license information along with your phone and email address


4. Validate Credentials and Establish Availability

Receive a call from our dedicated support team to validate your credentials and enable access to the app

Set up your availability to be discovered for appointments and consultations.


5. Appointment Requested

Once enabled, receive appointment requests from patients and clients of assigned facilities. 


6. Confirm Appointment

Receive requests for appointments from your patients or facilities via the platform and over SMS


7. Communicate

Perform additional schedule coordination via messages or traditional means


8. Visit

Video call patient or facility as close to the scheduled time as possible.  In app or traditional message if you are behind schedule. 


9. Review History

Review patient’s uploaded docs, measured vitals, last notes, and imaging as needed.  


10. Close out Visit

Dictate note into Cura application, place any additional recommendations and orders, recommend follow up as needed.

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