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Your self-insured clients are paying too much for a placeholder for telemedicine services in a PEPM model. At Cura we believe in value for service. 

In our most recent case example we saved $214,598 a year on 4000 employees in direct cost and more than $370,000 in net ROI.

No one’s happy paying for services unused. At Cura you get value for every dollar spent. If you want value for care delivered and chronic disease management all in one location choose CuraSmart Care™.

We place an $9 PEPM cap on the annualized price to employers. This protects against a worst case situation of high utilization creating unexpected spend.


Primary care visit


Specialist visit

CuraSmart Care™

An Intelligent TeleHealth Platform means taking a smart approach to monthly spending:

  • We target chronic condition employees for disease management
  • On going remote patient monitoring
  • Reduce unexpected urgent care, ER and hospital visits by more than 30%
  • $18 PEPM for actual service rendered, reducing self insured high dollar hospital spending

That’s what we call smart spending!

Cura Telehealth is the competitive advantage for benefits consultants

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