Behavioral Health

Cura behavioral health services focus on the connection between the health and well-being of the body and the mind. 

We offer solutions from text based interaction to video visits in the home and across a wide range of facilities.

Who We Serve 

Community Health Centers

Community Health Centers and Federally Qualified Centers are on the frontlines providing care to a population in need with a scarcity of resource.  Cura helps to meet your needs with a seamless integration of providers to augment your existing staff.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Hospitals are often the first stop for urgent and chronic mental health conditions.  Our providers integrated into your emergency rooms and inpatient consultations offer value needed to increase the acuity of care.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Our seniors are often faced with mental health conditions that get overlooked secondary to stigma and a lack of resources.  Cura offers free implementation of behavioral health services into your facility as well as full access to our health records.  

Assessment Tools 

It is important to understand your mental health for your own benefit and aid in your provider helping you.

Please use these assessment tools to determine your level of need.

Mood Assessment



Cage For alcohol abuse


Sleep Assessment

Opioid Risk Assessment

Dementia Screen

What we treat

Psychiatric conditions

ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizophrenia

Eating Habits

(Anorexia, bulimia and over eating are difficult conditions that benefit from long term therapy)

Marriage and Family Counseling

(Counseling over video sessions is discrete easy to attend and extremely effective)

Addiction Treatments

Opioid Addiction is complicated.  We offer telemedicine support to rural settings for Suboxone therapy) , Recovery

Million Adults Living with Mental Illness


Actively Receiving Treatment


Also Struggle with Medical Conditions

Unfortunately many mental health challenges aren’t getting the treatment required or the necessary resources are not available. A staggering 44 million adults are living with mental illness – yet only 40 percent are actively receiving treatment.

Sixty-eight percent of adults with mental health disorders also struggle with medical conditions. Some of these conditions are chronic, and the cost of managing these conditions is high. The cost of managing the physical health of a patient with an underlying behavioral issue is estimated to be three times more than that of a patient without these challenges. 

Chronic Health Conditions account for…


of Hospital Admissions


of Physician Visits


of Prescriptions Filled

It remains critical to manage chronic health conditions as they account for 81 percent of hospital admissions, 76 percent of physician visits, and  91 percent of prescriptions filled.

Employers can play a critical role in getting people the care that they need through Cura behavioral health services. An increasing number of employers are working to connect the right programs and services to the employees who need them most. This adds great value to productivity and quality of life.   

Delivery of these services over a digital platform adds cost savings, efficiency but with the use of video visits maintains a human touch.

Decrease backlog and wait times and improve behavioral health in your community.

Partnering with Cura allows you a committed team who is compassionate to your patients and flexible with your staff. We can assist in program building and alleviate worries about coverage and continuity to meet your community’s needs.

We can get you started at no cost – patients well served equals happy staff and a good life!

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