Multi-Specialty No Cost
TurnKey Telemedicine Solutions.

Our mission to deliver expert medical care using advanced telemedicine technologies is highlighted in skilled nursing, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and post acute settings.

Skilled Nursing | Assisted Living

Increase quality and decrease travel

Cura makes it possible for you to deliver behavioral health, cardiology, pulmonary and neurology right at your facility.  We provide a turnkey solution with no cost of start up and no ongoing cost.  We raise claims with payors.  You provide a point person to manage basic workflow and we provide the rest.  

Intervene earlier improving quality, lessening disease and decreasing subsequent hospitalization

No cost access to our EHR allows for record keeping and vital signs using our remote patient monitoring platform.  Really No cost, we make our revenue from the clinical service

What we offer

Rich Clinical Expertise with Industry-Leading Telemedicine Technology





Infectious Disease


CuraCare™ Advantage 

No cost solution allows  our advanced reporting, analytics, and quality metrics optimize workflows to achieve improved clinical outcomes . Our comprehensive quality management program supports evidence-based practices, tracks satisfaction levels, and encourages continuous improvement of telemedicine services. These processes undergo regular review by The Joint Commission, as part of their ongoing accreditation processes.

CuraSync™  works with CuraVision™ to allow real time data streaming of EKG, Pulse ox, heart rate and blood pressure to allow for supporting the clinical visit