Home Health

Patients and Agencies alike value greatly from remote patient monitoring and telemedicine visits.

Cura empowers your home health agency with 24/7 available providers for in home consultation adding to your patient’s care while streamlining your efficiencies.

Remote patient monitoring adds stickiness and value to your patient relationships and lets you provide valuable information to referring providers.
We provide no cost to you clinical visits in general medicine, behavioral health and medical specialists.  We raise a claim to payer.

Benefits of both remote patient management (RPM) and home health care

Empower patient interactions

Decreased rehospitalization rates

Increase patient stickiness 

Improved re-referral rates

Increased revenue 

Modernize Home Health

with Cura Remote patient Monitoring

Easy patient onboarding

Instant notifications to care team

Happy Patients | Streamlined care | Improved referrals