Multi-Specialty Turn Key Telemedicine Solutions.

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Cura TeleHealth focuses on outcomes and analytics around continuous quality.

Our mission to deliver expert medical care using advanced telemedicine technologies is highlighted in hospitals, post acute settings, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.


Cura makes it possible for you to admit all patient-acuity levels.  Keep your facility at capacity by handling patients with all acuity levels across behavioral health, neurology, pulmonary critical care, cardiology, infectious disease and more.     

Hybrid strategies with in house rounding with psych NP, medical NP and our telemedicine providers is available.  

We strategically avoid being a one specialty silo and therefore afford the luxury of a multi-specialty group without unreachable financial burden.  Our focus on program building delivers quality among each specialty service line. 

Our turn key technological solution allows for easy scheduling, patient hand-offs, inter professional consultations, ordering, imaging, and reporting. 

What we offer

Rich Clinical Expertise with Industry-Leading Telemedicine Technology



Emergency Medicine




Critical Care


Palliative Care

Infectious Disease


Cura Support

Cura offers full support and hybrid models allowing your facility to provide care alongside our specialists, hospitalist, and nocturnists. With specialty focused care delivery models Cura provides a comprehensive program allowing your organization to scale up or down our services.  Our advanced reporting, analytics, and quality metrics optimize workflows to achieve improved clinical outcomes . Our comprehensive quality management program supports evidence-based practices, tracks satisfaction levels, and encourages continuous improvement of telemedicine services. These processes undergo regular review by The Joint Commission, part of our ongoing accreditation processes.

CuraSync™  works with CuraVision™ to allow real time data streaming of heart and lung auscultation, EKG, Pulse ox, heart rate and blood pressure to allow for supported ICU models, augmenting the ICU consultative experience.